The Unity of Consciouness and Sensory Integration

    Brown University, Smith-Buonanno Hall

    5-6 November 2011


    Sponsored by the Brown University Philosophy Department and the Network Centre for Sensory Research.

Co-organizers: David Bennett (Brown), Susanna Siegel (Harvard)

For information, contact: Kevin Connolly:


        Saturday, Novemember 5


                Introduction - 9:15-9:30

                Session 1- 9:30-11:05

                    Speaker: Tim Bayne (Oxford), “Building block or unified fields: How should we model the unity of consciousness?”

                        Commentator: Sydney Shoemaker (Cornell) 

                Session 2-11:15-12:50

                    Speaker: David Eagleman (Baylor), “Time and the Brain”

                        Commentator: Geoff Lee (Berkeley) 


                Session 3- 2:15-3:50

                    Speakers: Pawan Sinha (MIT) and Alex Byrne (MIT), “On Molyneux’s Question”

                        Commentator: Ophelia Deroy (CenSes, Institute of Philosophy, University of London) 

                Session 4- 4:15-5:50

                    Panel: Bill Warren (Brown), David Sheinberg (Brown), David Chalmers (NYU, ANU),

                    PANEL CHAIR: Chris Hill (Brown)


        Sunday, Nov. 6

                Session 5-10:00-11:35

                     Speaker: Elizabeth Schechter (Washington University, St. Louis), “Partly Unified Consciousness: Evidence and Implications”

                           Commentator: Jonathan Vogel (Amherst)

                Session 6-11:45-1:20

                     Speaker: Julia Trommershäuser (NYU), “Sensory Learning”

                        Commentator: David Bennett (Brown)


                Session 7- 2:15-3:45

                    Closing panel and discussion: Berit Brogaard (Missouri), Farid Masrour (Harvard), Casey O’Callaghan (Rice),

                    Sydney Shoemaker (Cornell), PANEL CHAIR: Ned Block (NYU)


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